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Abschlussarbeiten und Praktika


If you are interested in any of the following topics, please contact the supervisors directly.

Bachelor or Master Theses starting in SS 24 or WS 24


  1. Overall topic: Regulation and functional correlates of sleep (research incl. fMRI, EEG, ECG, behavioral, and personality measures). Start: SS 2024, contact: Deniz Kumral

    Example topics are:
        • The effect of sleep disruption on emotional processes
        • The effect of sleep disruption on sleep oscillations and memory
        • The effect of sleep disruption on learning-induced plasticity
        • Heart-brain interaction during wake and sleep, and how it related to emotion processing
  2. Overall topic: Mechanisms of suppression-induced forgetting. Designing and conducting a pilot study. Start: SS 2024 or WS 2024, contact: Antonia Lenders


Research internships


  • Ongoing study: Task may vary but will include participant recruitment, screening for MRI, overnight sleep EEG acquisition, EEG sleep scoring, fMRI data analysis or quality checks, behavioral data analysis. Contact: Deniz Kumral


  • Stimulus Testing and Piloting:To test and pilot the familiarity of famous locations and/or faces across German population (in all age groups). Contact: Deniz Kumral


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