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ERASMUS Program (Psychology, Freiburg, Germany)

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Department of Psychology
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Courses in Psychology

Below, you will find an overview of the catalogue which provides all couses that can be attended at Freiburgs Institute for Psychology. Most courses are only available in German language. The study is divided in two parts: The Bachelor of Science courses provide knowledge about basic research (e.g., generell psychology), while in the Master of Science there are more courses about applied psychology (e.g., clinical psychology, cognitive psychology). You have access to both parts of the studies.

Important! Zentrale Seminarvergabe: For seminars in the basic studies, you need to come to the Zentrale Seminarvergabe, which usually takes place the first Monday each new term at the Hörsaal Psychologie (auditorium). (For details check the Kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis)

For all other courses, you can come usually without a prior application; however you might want to get sure and email the lecturer in advance.

In case you can't find the course description you are looking for, please contact:

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