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Work and Organizational Psychology in the Psychology Master

Please contact the Prüfungsamt for information on the general conditions of the Master of Science Psychology program. Below are the main points of contact with Work and Organizational Psychology in the Master's program.



In the lecture Work- and Organizational Psychology you will get insights into current and future topics of Work and Organizational Psychology. This includes, for instance, personnel recruitment, work-life balance, leadership, and working together with AI-based systems.



There are two seminars in the module Work and Organizational Psychology.

Research-oriented Seminar: The focus of this seminar is diving deep into research and learn how to use and apply this research.

Practice-oriented Seminar: The focus of this seminar is on practice projects. For example, students may develop their own Assessment Center, conduct interviews, or work on projects in collaboration with other researchers or industry partners.


Skills Seminar

We are parts of the Skills Seminar, where students can work on aquiring useful skills for their future carreer. Such skills may include practical expertise in designing training and personnel selection concepts, programming, machine learning and natural language processing, or science communication skills.



In the colloquium, current theses and research projects are presented and discussed. Occassionally, there will be guest speakers from research and practice. The presentation of the current status of your Master's thesis is part of the colloquium.



A research internship at the Chair of Work and Organizational Psychology is particularly suitable if you

  •  are interested in the research topics of the chair (human-machine interaction, collaboration with AI-based systems, gamification)
  • have developed interest in work and organizational psychology through the lecture and seminars
  • are interested in gaining in-depth insights into everyday work as a researcher research and into a possible research career


Master Thesis



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