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Cognition, Action, and Sustainability

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In our lab, we are really interested in the relation between cognition and action.

Humans usually interact with their environment according to their goals. But behaviour is not fully determined by the mere goals- rather outer stimulation as well as inner states shape together the actual action.

We aim to identify processes that allow humans to reach their goals despite of interference especially in multitasking contexts.

Thus, we cover the topics of action and cognitive control, self-organization, conflict adjustment, using regularities in the outer world for predictive timing and associative learning. In addition, we are interested in how humans perceive their own actions and the following consequences in terms of sense of agency.

We strive to use this knowledge to better understand human actions in general and in particular regarding environmental behaviour. For example, we investigate measures to foster energy saving and sustainability.

We apply a wide variety of different methods. These include experiments assessing behavioural measures like reaction times, accuracy, subjective ratings, and eye movements as well as EEG activity. Furthermore, we conduct online questionnaire studies.



Engelbergerstraße 41 (Hauptgebäude) u. 41c (Hörsaalgebäude)
79106 Freiburg
Tel. +49 (0)761 203-2489, Fax +49 (0)203-2490
e-mail: sekr.allgpsy@psychologie.uni-freiburg.de


Prof. Dr. Andrea Kiesel: -9164 (Hauptgebäude, 3. OG, Raum 3009)



Anette Dorenberg-Ibarra: -2489 (Hauptgebäude, 3. OG, Raum 3008)

Angelika Maßler: -2489 (Hauptgebäude, 3. OG, Raum 3008)


Professor i.R.:

Prof. Dr. Hans Spada: -2487 (Hauptgebäude, 3. OG, Raum 3022)




Wir gratulieren Dr. Sören Pape zur Promotion mit dem Thema "Kognitive Verzerrungen bei Entscheidungen: Rahmungseffekte und die Rolle motivationaler und kognitiver Prozesse für die konfirmatorische Informationssuche"!

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