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Who is suited?

Für wen ist der Studiengang geeignet?

Those who wish to enroll in this degree program,


  • basic knowledge in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, social psychology, educational psychology, work and organizational psychology, and diagnostics
  • an understanding of statistical data analysis and study design


  • critical thinking and gaining deep understanding
  • understanding and conducting research on an advanced theoretical and methodological level
  • planning and conducting  individual projects
  • communicating scientific outcomes to the scientific community as well as to a broader audience
  • scientific writing


  • a vivid interaction between students and lecturers as well as professors
  • a wide range of qualifications and possibilities
  • development of an individual profile of qualifications


This degree program is suited for graduates in the following subjects

  • Psychology, B.Sc.

The degree program provides the opportunity to specialize in the following fields

  • Cognitive psychology
  • Social cognition
  • Economic Psychology
  • Neuroscientific Research
  • Learning and Instruction
  • Research Methods as a cross-cutting competence
  • Implications of these fields for sustainability issues

 Graduates from this degree program frequently work

  • as psychologist in areas such as school psychology, coaching, psychological assessment, data science, psychology teaching, or research
  • in other professions with job requirements in the areas of consulting und counseling, human resources, marketing, science communication, or public relations
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