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Travel and Visitor Information


The Institute of Psychology is located in Engelberger Straße 41.
The Department Biological Psychology and Differential Psychology (How to find us) and the Center for Cognitive Science are NOT situated in Engelberger Straße.

See also FreiburgTown Map and Building Photos.

You will find us as follows (see maps below):

By rail:

Walk along the station platform toward the tram station located on the bridge at the south end of the station, and ascend the stairs from the platform to the tram station (you find an escalator at the very end of the platform). Turn right (resp. left if you leave the escalator) (in the direction of the westbound tram line to Stühlinger), walk about 300 m to the next road-tram junction at which the next tram-stop “Eschholzstraße” is located. Turn left at the road, cross the road, and walk straight on for about 80 m to the next side road called “Engelberger Straße”. Turn right down the side road, cross to the other side, and after 50 m our Institute Building will come into sight on the left side of the road.

By car:

a) If you are coming on the B 31 from the “Schwarzwald”, drive straight on until the exit
“Uni-Klinikum/Stühlinger”. Follow the signs to “Uni-Klinikum” on the “Eschholzstraße”.

b) If you are coming on the motorway (A5 “Autobahn”), leave at the exit “Freiburg-Mitte” and follow the signs to “Freiburg-Zentrum”, and exit at “FR-Stühlinger/FR-Haslach”. Then follow the signs for “Stühlinger” on the road called “Eschholzstraße”.

Drive along “Eschholzstraße” and turn left at Engelberger Straße (second street and after the petrol station). Institute Building will come into sight on the left side after about 50 m.

Parking is currently limited.

By public transportation:

Take any tramway (except no 2) or either the bus-lines 14 or 26 to the tram/bus stop “Eschholzstraße” (and follow the way described above) or the bus stop “Ferdinand-Weiß-Straße” and walk in the direction “Freiburg-Zentrum” until you reach the side road called “Engelberger Straße”. Bus line 26 stops directly in front of our institute at the bus stop “Draisstraße”.

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