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Graduate Programme " Human and Machine Intelligence"

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Doctoral students and post doctoral fellows can become members of the graduate programme, with or without a scholarship. Members with a scholarships are termed Stipendiaten, those without Kollegiaten. Every graduate programme has a certain number of scholarships for doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows. However, the number of Kollegiaten is not fixed, but depends on the external financing possibilities.

Our graduate programme can supply a maximum of 11 scholarships for doctoral students.

Doctoral scholarships

Doctoral students receive a monthly basic scholarship of DM 1.800 starting from the 01.04.2000. In addition to this basic scholarship, students are allowed a supplement of DM 200 per month  for materials. Doctoral students who are married and/or have children also receive a family allowance of DM 300 per month (unmarried mothers or fathers must provide evidence of their obligation to pay maintenance).

A additional child care supplement can be paid on application with the necessary proof. The amount payable is scaled according to the number of children in care:

Doctoral scholarships are awarded for a period of two years at first. A scholarship can be extended for up to 12 months on application when the case is well-founded. The maximum period of scholarship support for doctoral students in the graduate programme is three years.

Expenses for travel and materials

Apart from scholarships, financial support is also given to members of the graduate programme in the form of travel expenses arising from participation in international conferences, meetings and workshops which serve to further their doctoral thesis, research studies and scientific career. Additional materials' expenses are also available on application for activities directly related to completing a doctoral thesis,  payment of experimental subjects for instance. Travel and materials' expenses are also available to members without a scholarship.

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