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Structure of the Study Programme

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Graduate Programme "Human and Machine Intelligence"

Doctoral students in the graduate programme will structure an individual study programme in consultation with their main supervisor. This programme will consist of lectures given by participating university lecturers and also of talks given by visiting academics. On entering the graduate programme, students will be able to take advantage of the "open weeks". This is seen as a type of practical within the various departments of the programme.

Every doctoral student is supervised by two university lecturers: by a main supervisor (subject area of doctorate) and by a second supervisor from another subject area within the programme. This double supervision aims to support the interdisciplinary orientation of  scientific studies completed within the programme.

Weekly lectures, seminars and tutorials take place during the semester. The interdisciplinary lecture "Human and Machine Intelligence" is on offer every semester and consists of individual talks from the  field of cognitive science, some of which are given by members of the graduate programme, and others by invited speakers. Every doctoral student must attend the doctoral seminar on offer in her/his subject and focal point. Apart form this, there are also regular, internal lectures, like presentation days for dissertations or project presentations by participating departments.

Cooperation with the two other cognitive science graduate programmes in Germany (in Hamburg and Saarbrücken) has made it possible to offer a "Spring Meeting" and the "Autumn School" every year. The three graduate programmes alternate in the organisation of these two annual events. The spring meetings encourage scientific discussion by the doctoral students from the three programmes. The annual autumn school is a workshop with talks and courses of several days offered for the most part by invited academics form the field of cognitive science. The graduate programme favours students' participation in the spring meetings and autumn school and offers financial support for this purpose.

Furthermore, active participation (individual contribution) in internationally renowned conferences is considered to be one of the duties of each and every doctoral student in the programme. Financial support for the completion of a dissertation and participation in conferences and workshops can be made available on application.

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