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Publikationen 2017

Originalarbeiten in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften

  • Behrendt P, Matz S, & Göritz AS (2017). An integrative model of leadership behavior Leadership Quart, 28(1), 229-244.
  • Berna F, Göritz AS, Llorca PM, Vidailhet P, Fond G, & Moritz S (2017). Would I take antipsychotics, if I had psychotic symptoms? Examining determinants of the decision to take antipsychotics Prog Neuro-psychoph, 77, 155-163.
  • Göritz AS (2017). „Dank, Neuigkeiten, Dank“ oder „Das A & O des Editorials“ Z Arb Organ, 61(1), 1-2.
  • Hess G, Schredl M, & Göritz AS (2017). Lucid dreaming frequency and the Big Five personality factors Imagination, Cognition, and Personality, 36(3), 240-253.
  • König N, Heizmann LM, Göritz AS, & Schredl M (2017). Colors in dreams and the introduction of color TV in Germany: An online study International Journal of Dream Research, 10(1), 59-64.
  • Moritz S, Göritz AS, Balzan RP, Kulagin SC, Gaweda L, & Andreou C (2017). A new paradigm to measure probabilistic reasoning and a possible answer to the question why psychosis-prone individuals jump to conclusions J Abnorm Psychol, 126(4), 406-415.
  • Moritz S, Göritz AS, Kühn S, Schneider BC, Krieger E, Röhlinger J, & Zimmerer S (2017). Muslims love Jesus, too? Corrective information alters preoccupations against Islam. Pastoral Psychology, 66(1), 65-77.
  • Moritz S, Göritz AS, McLean B, Westermann S, & Brodbeck J (2017). Do depressive symptoms predict paranoia or vice versa? J Behav Ther Exp Psy, 56, 113-121.
  • Ohly S, Schmitt A, & Göritz AS (2017). The power of routinized task behavior for energy at work J Vocat Behav, 103, 132-142.
  • Randler, C, Schredl, M, & Göritz AS (2017). Chronotype, sleep behavior, and the Big Five personality factors SAGE Open, 7(3), 1-9. http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/2158244017728321
  • Rennung M, & Göritz AS (2017). Die Wirkung organisationaler Rituale – Eine qualitative Interviewstudie Gruppe. Interaktion. Organisation., 48(4), 327-338.
  • Sattler S, Escande A, Racine E, & Göritz AS (2017). Public stigma towards people with drug addiction: A factorial survey J Stud Alcohol Drugs, 78(3), 415-425.
  • Schredl M, Funkhouser A, & Göritz AS (2017). Frequency of déjà rêvé: Effects of age, gender, dream recall, and personality J Consciousness Stud, 24(7-8), 155-162.
  • Schredl, M, & Göritz AS (2017). Dream recall frequency, attitude toward dreams, and the Big Five personality factors Dreaming, 27(1), 49-58.
  • Soucek R, Göritz AS, & Moser K (2017). Does it pay off to complete a doctorate? The moderating role of employment status Z Arb Organ, 61(2), 93-100.


  • Soucek R, Pauls N, Schlett C, Krogoll T, Moser K, & Göritz AS (2017). Resilienz als individuelle und betriebliche Kompetenz – Instrumente zur Einschätzung und Förderung von Resilienz im Arbeitskontext praeview, 1, 8-9.

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