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Publikationen 2016

Originalarbeiten in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften

  • Becker N, Schmitz F, Göritz AS, & Spinath FM (2016). Sometimes more is better, and sometimes less is better: Task complexity moderates the item response time effect Journal of Intelligene, 4(3), 11.
  • Berna F, Göritz AS, Schröder J, Brice M, Cermolacce M, Allé M, Danion JM, Cuervo Lombard CV, & Moritz S (2016). Self-disorders in individuals with attenuated psychotic symptoms: Contribution of a dysfunction of autobiographical memory Psychiat Res, 239, 333-341.
  • Berna F, Göritz AS, Schröder J, Coutelle R, Danion JM, Cuervo-Lombard CV, & Moritz S (2016). Self-disorders in individuals with autistic traits: Contribution of reduced autobiographical reasoning capacities J Autism Dev Disord, 46(8), 2587-2598.
  • Göritz AS, & Neumann BP (2016). The longitudinal effects of incentives on response quantity in online panels. Translational Issues in Psychological Science, 2, 163-173.
  • Heidemeier H, & Göritz AS (2016). The instrumental role of personality traits: Using Mixture Structural Equation Modeling to investigate individual differences in the relationships between the Big Five traits and life satisfaction. J Happiness Stud, 17(6), 2595-2612.
  • Moritz S, Jahns AK, Schröder J, Berger T, Lincoln T, Klein JP, & Göritz AS (2016). More adaptive versus less maladaptive coping: What is more predictive of symptom severity? Development of a new scale to investigate coping profiles across different psychopathological syndromes J Affect Disorders, 191, 300-307.
  • Noveski A, Schredl M, & Göritz AS (2016). Frequency of sports dreams and dreams about politics: An online study International Journal of Dream Research, 9(2), 146-450.
  • Rennung M, Blum J, & Göritz AS (2016). To strike a pose: No stereotype backlash for power posing women Front Psychol, 7, 1463.
  • Rennung M, & Göritz AS (2016). Prosocial consequences of interpersonal synchrony: A meta-analysis Z Psychol, 224, 168-189.
  • Schuh SC, van Quaquebeke N, Göritz AS, Xin KR, de Cremer D, & van Dick R (2016). Mixed feelings, mixed blessing? How ambivalence in organizational identification relates to employees’ regulatory focus and citizenship behaviors. Hum Relat, 69(12), 2224-2249.
  • Van Veen F, Göritz AS, & Sattler S (2016). Response effects of prenotification, prepaid cash, prepaid vouchers, and postpaid vouchers: An experimental comparison Soc Sci Comput Rev, 34(3), 333-341.
  • Volmer J, Koch IK, & Göritz AS (2016). The bright and dark sides of leaders' Dark Triad traits: Effects on subordinates' career success and well-being Pers Indiv Differ, 101, 413-418.
  • Weikamp JG, & Göritz AS (2016). Organizational citizenship behaviour and job satisfaction: The impact of occupational future time perspective. Hum Relat, 69(11), 2091-2115.
  • Wiegel S, Sattler S, Göritz AS, & Diewald M (2016). Work-related stress and cognitive enhancement among University teachers Anxiety Stress Copin, 29(1), 100-117. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10615806.2015.1025764

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