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Publikationen 2016

Originalarbeiten in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften

  • Becker M, Klauer K, & Spruyt A (2016). Is attention enough? A re-examination of the impact of feature-specific attention allocation on semantic priming effects in the pronunciation task Atten Percept Psycho, 78, 396-402.
  • Begeer S, Bernstein DM, Aßfalg A, Azdad H, Glasbergen T, Wierda M, & Koot HM (2016). Equal egocentric bias in children with and without autism spectrum disorders J Exp Child Psychol, 149, 15-26.
  • Bender A, Beller S, , & Klauer K (2016). Lady Liberty and Godfather Death as candidates for linguistic relativity? Scrutinizing the gender congruency effect on personified allegories with explicit and implicit measures Q J Exp Psychol, 69, 48-64.
  • Bender A, Beller S, & Klauer K (2016). Crossing grammar and biology for gender categorizations: Investigating the gender congruency effect in generic nouns for animates J Cogn Psychol, 28, 530-558.
  • Farhan N, Leonhart R, Puffe L, Boeker M, & Wirsching M (2016). Kommunikationsprüfung ausländischer Ärzte in Deutschland: Patientenkommunikationstest Gesundheitswesen, 78(4), 215-220.
  • Heilmann C, Stotz U, Burbaum C, Feuchtinger J, Leonhart R, Siepe M, Beyersdorf F, & Fritzsche K (2016). Short-Term Intervention to Reduce Anxiety before Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery – A Randomised Controlled Trial J Clin Nurs, 26, 351-361.
  • Hütter M, & Klauer K (2016). Applying processing trees in social psychology Eur Rev Soc Psychol, 27, 116-159.
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  • Singmann H, Klauer K, & Beller S (2016). Probabilistic conditional reasoning: Disentangling form and content with the dual-source model Cognitive Psychol, 88, 61-87.
  • Skovgaard-Olsen N, Singmann H, & Klauer K (2016). The relevance effect and conditionals Cognition, 150, 26-36.
  • Teige-Mocigemba S, Hölzenbein F, & Klauer K (2016). Seeing more than others: Identification of subtle aggressive information as a function of trait aggressiveness. Social Psychology Soc Psychol-germany, 47, 136-149.
  • Teige-Mocigemba S, Penzl B, Becker M, Henn L, & Klauer K (2016). Controlling the "uncontrollable": Faking effects on the Affect Misattribution Procedure Cognition Emotion, 30, 1470-1484.
  • Zhang L, Fritzsche K, Liu Y, Wang J, Huang M, Wang Y, Chen L, Luo S, Yu Y, Dong Z, Mo L, & Leonhart R (2016). Validation of the Chinese version of the PHQ-15 in a tertiary hospital Bmc Psychiatry, 16, 89-89.
  • Zhang Y, Zhao X, Nadig M, Leonhart R, Wang J, Zhao Y, Wirsching M, & Fritzsche K (2016). A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Climacteric Symptoms, Self-Esteem and Perceived Social Support Between Mosuo Women and Han Chinese Women Menopause, 23(7), 784-791.
  • von Hecker U, Klauer K, Wolf L, & Fazilat-Pour M (2016). Spatial processes in linear ordering J Exp Psychol Learn, 42, 1003-1033.


  • Gönner S, Ecker W, Leonhart R, & Limbacher K (2016). Multidimensionales Zwangsstörungsinventar (MZI). Deutsche Revision des Vancouver Obsessional-Compulsive Inventory Hogrefe.


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