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Publikationen 2015

Originalarbeiten in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften

  • Aßfalg A, & Nadarevic L (2015). A word of warning: instructions and feedback cannot prevent the revelation effect Conscious Cogn, 34, 75-86.
  • Beller S, Singmann H, Hüther L, & Bender A (2015). Turn around to have a look? Spatial referencing in dorsal vs. frontal settings in cross-linguistic comparison.; Frontiers in Psychology, Vol 6, Sep 2, 2015 Front Psychol, 6.
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  • Klauer K, & Singmann H (2015). Does global and local vision have an impact on creative and analytic thought? Two failed replications. Plos One, 10, e032885-e032885.
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  • Leonhart R, Fritzsche K, Schäfert R, Nolte S, & Fischer F (2015). Vergleich der faktoriellen Struktur des PHQ-15 zwischen Deutschland und China Zeitschrift für Psychosomatische Medizin und Psychtherapie, 61, 77-78.
  • Manuel A, Leonhart R, Broman O, & Becker G (2015). Consumers` perceptions and preference profiles for wood surfaces tested with pairwise comparison in Germany. Ann Forest Sci, 72(6), 741-751. http://10.1007/s13595-014-0452-7
  • Rothe A, Beller S, & Bender A (2015). Temporal frames of reference in three Germanic languages: Individual consistency, interindividual consensus, and cross-linguistic variability Q J Exp Psychol, 68(5), 917-939.
  • Schug J, Alt N, & Klauer K (2015). Gendered race prototypes: Evidence for the non-prototypicality of Asian men and Black women J Exp Soc Psychol, 56, 121-125.
  • Wu H, Zhao X, Fritzsche K, Leonhart R, Schäfert R, Sun X, & Larisch A (2015). Quality of doctor-patient relationship in patients with high somatic symptom severity in China Complement Ther Med, 23, 23-31.
  • Xiong N, Fritzsche K, Wei J, Hong X, Leonhart R, Zhao X, Zhang L, Zhu L, Tian G, Nolte S, & Fischer F (2015). Validation of Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) for Major Depression in Chinese Outpatients with Multiple Somatic Symptoms: a multicenter cross-sectional study J Affect Disorders, 174, 636-643.


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