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Publikationen 2020

Originalarbeiten in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften

  • Endres, T, Wexrether, S, Renkl, A, & Eitel, A (2020). When and why does emotional design foster learning? Evidence for situational interest as a mediator of sustained learning J Comput Assist Lear, 36, 514-525.
  • Hoppe, T, Renkl, A, Seidel, T, Rettig, S, & Rieß W (2020). Exploring how teachers diagnose students’ conceptions about the cycle of matter Sustainability-basel, 12, 4184.
  • Lachner A, Backfisch I, Hoogerheide V, van Gog T, & Renkl A (2020). Timing matters! Explaining between study phases enhances students’ learning J Educ Psychol, 112, 841-853.
  • Roelle J, & Renkl A (2020). Does an option to review instructional explanations enhance example-based learning? It depends on learners’ academic self-concept J Educ Psychol, 112, 131-147.
  • Schalk, L, Roelle, J, Saalbach, H, Berthold, K, Stern, E, & Renkl, A (2020). Providing worked examples for learning multiple principles Appl Cognitive Psych, 34, 813-824.
  • Zeeb, H., Ostertag, J, & Renkl, A (2020). Towards a growth mindset culture in the classroom: Implementation of a lesson-integrated mindset training Education Research International, . http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2020/8067619


  • Eitel A, Bender L, & Renkl A (2020). Effects of informed use: A proposed extension of the self-management effect. In S. Tindall-Ford, S. Agostinho, & Sweller, J (Ed.), Advances in cognitive load theory: Rethinking teaching (pp. 168-179). London, UK: Routledge.
  • Scheiter K, Richter J, & Renkl A (2020). Multimediales Lernen: Lehren und Lernen mit Texten und Bildern . In NIegemann, H & Weinberger, A (Ed.), Handbuch Bildungstechnologie (pp. 12-56). Heidelberg: Springer.
  • Zeeb, H, Spitzmesser, E, Röddiger, A, Leuders, T, & Renkl, A (2020). Using relevance instructions to support the integration of teacher knowledge. In Lehmann, T (Ed.), International perspectives on knowledge integration: Theory, research, and good practice in pre-service teacher and higher education (pp. 201-229). London, UK: Brill / Sense Publishers.

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