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Publikationen 2006

Originalarbeiten in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften

  • Frings L, Wagner K, Quiske A, Schwarzwald R, Spreer J, Halsband U, & Schulze-Bonhage A (2006). Precuneus is involved in allocentric object location encoding and recognition. Exp Brain Res, 173(4), 661-672.
  • Frings L, Wagner K, Unterrainer J, Spreer J, Halsband U, Schulze-Bonhage A, & (2006). Gender-related differences in lateralisation of hippocampal activation and cognitive strategy. Neuroreport, 17(4), 417-421.
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  • Halsband U (2006) , 99(4-6):470-82 (2006). Learning in trance: Functional brain imaging studies and neuropsychology. Journal of Physiology Paris, 99(4-6), 470-482.
  • Krause BJ, Hautzel H, Schmidt D, Fluess MO, Poeppel TD, Mueller HW, Halsband U, & Mottaghy H (2006). Learning related interactions among neuronal systems involved in memory processes assessed with functional neuroimaging. Journal of Physiology Paris, 99(4-6), 318-332.
  • Kuelz, K, Riemann, D, Halsband, U, Vielhaber, K, Unterrainer, J, Kordon, A, & Voderholzer, U (2006). Neuropsychological impairment in obsessive-compulsive disorder-improvement over the course of cognitive behavioral treatment. J Clin Exp Neuropsychol., 28(8), 1273-1287.
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  • Otte A, & Halsband U (2006) (2006). Brain imaging tools in neurosciences Journal of Physiology Paris, 99(4-6), 281-292.
  • Rahm B, Opwis K, Kaller CP, Spreer J, Schwarzwald R, Seifritz E, Halsband U, & Unterrainer JM (2006). Tracking the subprocesses of decision-based action in the human frontal lobes. Neuroimage, 28(1C), 122-131.
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  • Halsband U, & Herfort A (2006). Neurobiologische Grundlagen der Medizinischen Hypnose. . In Schulz-Stübner (Ed.), Medizinische Hypnose von A bis Z. (pp.). Stuttgart: Schattauer.

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