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Publikationen 2005

Originalarbeiten in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften

  • Germann J, Robbins S, Halsband U, & Petrides M (2005). Precentral sulcal complex of the human brain: morphology and statistical probability maps. J Comp Neurol, 493(3), 334-356.
  • Unterrainer JM, Rahm B, Halsband U, & Kaller CP (2005). What is in a name: The Tower of London and its variants. Cognitive Brain Res, 23(2-3), 418-428.
  • Unterrainer JM, Ruff CC, Rahm B, Kaller CP, Spreer J, Schwarzwald R, & Halsband U (2005). The influence of sex differences and individual task performance on brain activation during planning. Neuroimage, 24(2), 586-590.
  • Wagner K, Frings L, Quiske A, Unterrainer J, Schwarzwald R, Spreer J, Halsband U, & Schulze-Bonhage A (2005). The reliability of fMRI activations in the medial temporal lobes in a verbal episodic memory task. Neuroimage, 28, 122-131.

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