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Publikationen 2018

Originalarbeiten in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften

  • Rodrigo MJ, Padron I, de Vega M, & Ferstl EC (2018). Neural substrates of counterfactual emotions after risky decision in late adolescents and young adults. J Res Adolescence, 28(1), 70-86.
  • Schmitt J, Auer P, & Ferstl EC (2018). Understanding fairy tales spoken in dialect: An fMRI study Lang Cogn Neurosci, . https://doi.org/10.1080/23273798.2018.1533139
  • van den Hoven E, & Ferstl EC (2018). Discourse context modulates the effect of implicit causality on rementions Lang Cogn, . http://doi:10.1017/langcog.2018.17
  • van den Hoven, Emiel, & Ferstl, Evelyn C (2018). The roles of implicit causality and discourse context in pronoun resolution Frontiers in Communication: Language Sciences, . http://doi: 10.3389/fcomm.2018.00053
  • von Stülpnagel R, & Krukar J (2018). Risk Perception during Urban Cycling: An Assessment of Crowdsourced and Authorita-tive Data Accident Anal Prev, 121, 109-117. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.aap.2018.09.009


  • Ferstl EC (2018). Gendering MINT – Perspektiven aus der Kognitionswissenschaft. In M. Mangelsdorf (Ed.), BMBF-Handreichung Gendering MINT: Vernetzung und Austausch von Gendersperspektiven in den Natur- und Technikwissenschaften (pp. 14-21). Freiburg: Universitätsdruck.
  • Ferstl EC (2018). Text comprehension. In S.-A. Rueschemeyer & G. Gaskell (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Psycholinguistics (pp. 197-216). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
  • Hemforth B, & Konieczny L (2018). All linguists did not go to the workshop; none of the Germans but some of the French did: The role of alternative constructions for quantifier scope. In Katy Carlson, Janet Fodor, and Chuck Clifton (Ed.), Grammatical Approaches to Language Processing – Essays in Honor of Lyn Frazier (pp.). Boston: Springer International Publishing AG.


  • Ferstl EC (2018). Comprehension of pragmatic language in older adults: the case of verbal humour. (Language Comprehension across the Lifespan, Freiburg, FRIAS).
  • Ferstl EC, & Israel L (2018). Comprehension of verbal humour: eye-tracking reveals differences between reading and listening. (30th Annual Conference of the International Society for Humor Studies, Tallinn, Estland).
  • Ferstl EC, Kraft J, & Stedtler S (2018). Are comediennes as funny as comedians? An experimental study of gender effects on humour appreciation. (30th Annual Conference of the International Society for Humor Studies, Tallinn, Estland).
  • Ferstl EC, Schmitt J, & Auer P (2018). Understanding fairy tales spoken in regional dialect: An fMRI study. (th Annual Meeting of the Society of Text & Discourse, Brighton, UK).
  • Silveira, N, von Stülpnagel, R, & Langenfeld, V (2018). How The Appearance of Adversarial Avatars Affects Player Behavior in Computer Games (KogWis2018, Darmstadt, Germany).
  • Solf, B, Albrecht, R, & von Stülpnagel, R. (2018). Effects of Structurally and Visually Salient Landmarks on Memory for Turning Direc-tions (KogWis2018, Darmstadt, Germany).


  • Ewert C, Truong N, & von Stülpnagel R (2018). Interpersonelles Vertrauen auf P2P Sharing-Plattformen In S. Hess, H. Fischer (Ed.), , 385-392 (Mensch und Computer 2018, Dresden). https://doi.org/10.18420/muc2018-mci-0252
  • Ladwig CR, & Ferstl EC (2018). What’s in a name? An Online Survey on Gender Stereotyping of Humanoid Social Robots. In ACM (Ed.), ACM, (4th Gender&IT conference (GenderIT’18), Heilbronn).
  • Schmid, K., & von Stülpnagel, R. (2018). Quantifying Local Spatial Properties through LiDAR-based Isovists for an Evaluation of Opinion-based VGI in a VR Setup In Raubal, M., Kiefer, P., Huang, H., & Van de Weghe, N. (Ed.), , 173-178 (LBS 2018, Zürich, Schweiz).
  • Schmidt, S., & von Stülpnagel, R (2018). Risk Perception and Gaze Behavior during Urban Cycling – A Field Study In Kiefer, P., Giannopoulos, I., Göbel, F., Raubal, M., & Duchowski, A. (Ed.), , 34-39 (ET4S Eye Tracking for Spatial Research, Zürich, Schweiz).
  • Truong, N, Brand, D, Ewert, C, Wächter, L, & von Stülpnagel, R (2018). Developers' Needs and Severity Conceptions of Usability Problems In R. Dachselt, G. Weber (Ed.), , 12-22 (Mensch und Computer 2018, Dresden). https://doi.org/10.18420/muc2018-mci-0200

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