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Publikationen 2010

Originalarbeiten in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften

  • Beller S (2010). Deontic reasoning reviewed: psychological questions, empirical findings, and current theories. Cognitive Processing, 11, 123-132
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  • Bender A, Hutchins E, Medin D.L. (2010). Anthropology in cognitive science. Topics in cognitive science, 2(3), 374-385
  • Bender A, Roettger-Roessler B (2010). Ethnologie und Kognitionswissenschaften im Dialog. Z Ethnol,
  • Deiglmayr A, Spada H (2010). Collaborative problem solving with distributed information: the role of inferences from interdependent information. Group Process Interg, 13(3), 361-378
  • Deiglmayr A, Spada H (2010). Developing adaptive collaboration support: the example of an effective training for collaborative inferences. Educ Psychol Rev, 22(1), 103-113
  • Diziol D, Walker E, Rummel N, Koedinger K (2010). Using intelligent tutor technology to implement adaptive support for student collaboration. Educ Psychol Rev, 22(1), 89-102
  • Hansen M, Spada H (2010). Supporting remote collaborative problem-solving. Appl Cognitive Psych, 24, 1297-1323
  • Klauer K.C., Beller S, Hütter M (2010). Conditional reasoning in context: A dual-source model of probalistic inference. J Exp Psychol Learn, 36, 298-323
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  • Spada H (2010). Of scripts, roles, positions, and models. Comput Hum Behav, 26, 547-550


  • Beller S, Bender A (2010). Allgemeine Psychologie - Denken und Sprache Göttingen: Hogrefe.

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