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Biological and Personality Psychology

  Ausschnitt Abteilungsfoto Sommersemester 2013

New publications

Ditzen, Heinrichs (2014). Psychobiology of social support: the social dimension of stress buffering.

Chen, Schmitz, Domes, Tuschen-Caffier, Heinrichs (2014). Effects of acute social stress on emotion processing in children.
(Article pdf)

Kanat, Heinrichs, Domes (2014). Oxytocin and the social brain: neural mechanisms and perspectives in human research.
(Article pdf)

Domes, Kumbier, Heinrichs, Herpertz (2014). Oxytocin promotes facial emotion recognition and amygdala reactivity in adults with Asperger syndrome.
(Article pdf)

Fang, Hoge, Heinrichs, Hofmann (2014). Attachment style moderates the effects of oxytocin on social behaviors and cognitions during social rejection: applying a Research Domain Criteria Framework to social anxiety.
(Article pdf)

Kanat, Heinrichs, Schwarzwald, Domes (2014). Oxytocin attenuates neural reactivity to masked threat cues from the eyes.
(Article pdf)

Soravia, Heinrichs, Winzeler, Fisler, Schmitt, Horn, Dierks, Strik, Hofmann, de Quervain (2014). Glucocorticoids enhance in vivo exposure-based therapy of spider phobia.
(Article pdf)

Colonnello, Heinrichs (2014). Intranasal oxytocin enhances positive self-attribution in healthy men.

Tomova, von Dawans, Heinrichs, Silani, Lamm (2014). Is stress affecting our ability to tune into others? Evidence for gender differences in the effects of stress on self-other distinction.
(Article pdf)

Klaperski, von Dawans, Heinrichs, Fuchs (2014). Effects of a 12-week endurance training program on the physiological response to psychosocial stress in men: a randomized controlled trial.
(Article pdf)

Behnia, Heinrichs, Bergmann, Jung, Germann, Schedlowski, Hartmann, Krüger (2014). Differential effects of intranasal oxytocin on sexual experiences and partner interactions in couples.
(Article pdf)

Thienel, Heinrichs, Fischer, Ott, Born, Hallschmid (2014). Oxytocin’s impact on social face processing is stronger in homosexual than heterosexual men.
(Article pdf)

Hysek, Schmid, Simmler, Domes, Heinrichs, Eisenegger, Preller, Quednow, Liechti (2014). MDMA enhances emotional empathy and prosocial behavior.
(Article pdf)



Open Ph.D. position.

Prof. Dr. Markus Heinrichs has been named one of the world’s most highly-cited researchers of the last decade and has been placed on the list of "The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds" (press information University of Freiburg; press information German Psychological Society; Online Ranking "Highly Cited Researcher").

"About affilitation and cuddle drugs" Interview with Prof. Dr. Markus Heinrichs (Science Magazine “Aula“, SWR2, April 27, 2014).

PD Dr. Gregor Domes and Prof. Dr. Markus Heinrichs received a grant from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the project entitled "Effects of oxytocin on facial mimicry in autism – linking social attention and facial emotion recognition" (Duration: 1 year; EUR 61,700).

Prof. Dr. Markus Heinrichs and Prof. Dr. Daria Knoch (Social and Affective Neuroscience, University of Basel) received a grant from the European Neuroscience Network NEUREX for the project entitled "The neurobiological basis of inter-group behavior in humans – Insights from neuroimaging, neuropharmacological modulation, and electroencephalography" (EUR 100,000).

Interview with Prof. Dr. Markus Heinrichs (german research, Magazine of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG, May 2014).


Prof. Dr. Frances S. Chen, Humboldt research fellow with our group since 2010, accepts the position as Professor of Health Psychology at the renowned University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada). Congratulations and all the very best!

Partnership and Health: Interview with Prof. Dr. Markus Heinrichs (SWR1, October 4, 2013).

Prof. Dr. Robert Kumsta accepts the position as Full Professor and Chair for Genetic Psychology at the University of Bochum and declined an offer of an appointment as Full Professor of Life-Span Psychology at the University of Lubeck. Congratulations and all the very best!

Prof. Dr. Markus Heinrichs, Dr. Wolf-Gero Lange (PI; Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands, and University of Cologne) and Prof. Dr. Alexander L. Gerlach (University of Cologne) received a grant from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the project entitled "Oxytocin and the altered ego: altered face processing in social anxiety" (Duration: 2 years; EUR 220,300).

Dipl.-Psych. Manuela Sibold received a FAZIT fellowship for doctoral students from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for the project entitled "Effects of the neuropeptide oxytocin on neural correlates of implicit emotion processing". Congratulations!

Dr. Frances S. Chen represented the University of Freiburg in the international competition for the AXA Research Fund. Her project proposal, "Effects of Stress on Social and Non-Social Risk Taking," (Duration: 24 months; EUR 120,000) was successfully funded – congratuations!

Dr. Bernadette von Dawans und Prof. Dr. Markus Heinrichs received a start-up funding grant from the "Innovationsfonds" of the University of Freiburg for the project entitled "Psychological stress and social decision making: gender effects and health implications" (EUR 12,000).

Dr. Bernadette von Dawans and Prof. Dr. Markus Heinrichs received a grant from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the project entitled "Psychobiological mechanisms and clinical implications of social decision-making in male patients with social anxiety disorder" (EUR 112,832).

Prof. Dr. Markus Heinrichs (PI), Dr. Robert Kumsta, and Dr. Frances S. Chen received a grant from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the project entitled "The Role of the Oxytocin System for Human Social Cognition and Social Affiliation: a Pharmacogenetic Approach" (Duration: 2 years; EUR 156,091).

Dr. Valentina Colonnello (Washington State University, USA, und Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy) received a fellowship from the Humboldt Foundation for a two-year research stay in our laboratory. Congratulations! We are pleased to welcome, after Dr. Frances S. Chen (Stanford University, USA), another Humboldt research fellow to our group. A warm welcome!

Prof. Dr. Markus Heinrichs and Dr. Tobias Stächele received a grant from the "Innovationsfonds" of the University of Freiburg for the project entitled "Stress prevention: effective psychologicial intervention online?" (Duration: 12 months; EUR 14,654).

Dipl.-Psych. Manuela Siebold received a scholarship for young scientists in Biopsychological Methodology from the G. A. Lienert Foundation to support a research stay at the Institute for Biomedical Engineering at the ETH Zurich (Translational Neuroscience Modeling Unit, Prof. Dr. Klaas E. Stephan). Congratulations!

Our newest publication in "Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America" (PNAS) was chosen by the Faculty of 1000 as a "Must Read" in the top 2% of all scientific articles in Medicine and Biology.

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We currently have various Diploma/Master’s theses to assign. More information ...  [here].


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