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Operationalization 2013

An Interdisciplinary Workshop at the Edge of Experimental Psychology and Analytical Philosophy


The workshop will take place at the FRIAS in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) at the 15th and 16th October 2013.

The workshop brings together psychologists and philosophers in order to investigate questions of concept operationalization that are common to both disciplines. The questions we tackle combine theoretical and empirical features. Some examples:

  • How should we devise elicitation procedures for complex and potentially ambiguous concepts?
  • How should we work out predictions that are precise enough to be put to empirical test?
  • How can we connect the philosophical literature to the long-lasting empirical tradition in psychology?

The workshop is organized into three types of sessions: keynotes by researchers who have already worked successfully about operationalizing epistemic concepts, methodological tutorials which will present contemporary statistical procedures, and discussion sessions where planned experimental projects will be discussed.



15. October:

16. October:

  • Tutorial 3: Ulrike Hahn: Rational argument: From theory to data and back
  • Discussion Session 4 (Barbara Kuhnert): Inference suppression and moral dilemmas. (Discussants: Matteo Colombo & Henrik Singmann) [extended abstract] [pptx] [pdf]
  • Methodological Tutorial 2: David Kellen: Cognitive modeling of categorical data
  • Discussion Session 5 (Jan Sprenger, Matteo Colombo, & Marie Postma): Explanatory Value and Probabilistic Reasoning: An Empirical Study (Discussants: Niels Skovgaard Olsen & Björn Meder)
  • Discussion Session 6 (Matteo Colombo & Leandra Bucher): Explanatory Reasoning, Moral Value, and Economic Incentive. Or... how much is your moral judgement? (Discussants: Momme von Sydow & Karolina Krzyzanowska)
  • Discussion Session 7 (Jakob Koscholke, Michael Schippers, and Marc Jekel): An empirical study of coherence assessment. (Discussants: David Kellen & Edouard Machery) [pdf]


Keynote Speakers:


Methodological Tutorials:


Discussion Sessions:




The workshop is organized by Henrik Singmann (University of Freiburg), Marco Ragni (University of Freiburg), Vincnezo Crupi (LMU Munchen and Universita di Torino), and Jan Sprenger (Tilburg University) and is a a follow-up event to the workshop "Operationalizing Epistemic Concepts" that took place last year in Aachen.

The workshop is co-sponsored by the DFG Priority Program "New Frameworks of Rationality" (SPP 1516) and the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS).


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