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Hier gehts zur Lehre (teaching/course materials)

My recommended links

Some R-functions I wrote (most notably: afex)



Up to date contat information can be found here.

Personal website: http://singmann.org/


henrik sep 2012


Peer-Reviewed Articles

My list of publications has moved to my new website here.

A list of my articles can also be found on my Google Scholar profile, my ReseachGate profile, or my ORCID profile.


The list with presentations and posters can now be found here.


Workshops (hosted or organized)

Operationalization 2013. 14-16 October, 2013. Workshop organized together with Marco Ragni, Vincezo Crupi and Jan Sprenger. The workshop is co-sponsored by the DFG Priority Program "New Frameworks of Rationality" (SPP 1516) and the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS).

Operationalizing Epistemic Concepts. 10-13 September, 2012. Workshop organized with Jan Sprenger and Vincezo Crupi. (See Posters and Presentations 2012, below, for materials from my tutorial sessions)

Data analysis and modeling methods in R. November 24th and December 8th, 2012. Mannheim University. Together with David Kellen.

An introduction to R. August 6th and 13th, 2012. Universität Zürich. Together with David Kellen.

An introduction to R. October 19th and 24th, 2011. Mannheim University. Together with David Kellen.


Other Important Activities

Administrator of the German mailing list for Psychology and R: psych-useRs (together with Meik Michalke).

Author and maintainer of R package afex.

Author and maintainer of R package MPTinR.

Author and maintainer of R package acss.

Author of R function raw.means.plot in package plotrix (formerly known as rm.plot).

Contributed code to various open source projects such as PsychoPy and lme4.



Recommended links


An essay on how to do science by Richard Feynman.

http://cran.r-project.org/ R is great! Or to cite David Kellen:  "R is the best in the world since sliced bread."

http://www.psychopy.org/ Using Python for designing experiments is almost as great as R! And better than anything I tested before (e.g., C++).

http://stats.stackexchange.com/ You have statistics questions? Here you will get an answer. Potentially by me...
profile for Henrik at Statistical Analysis, Q&A for statisticians, data analysts, data miners and data visualization experts

http://stackoverflow.com/ Any programming questions? Check this out. You can find me at the R tag.
profile for Henrik at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers





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